Oh Bad Daddy

from by The StiKman

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Oh Bad Daddy. All harmonica players are attracted to trains. Who knows why; but it is absolutely true and apparently without exception. I took the lyrics of Oh Bad Daddy, which came from a comic strip by Lynda Barry, as an invitation to engage in the ultimate train song.


Oh Bad Daddy

your bad daddy live across the street
from my bad daddy
your bad daddy and my bad daddy
walk down the dusty road
to the Alibi Tavern

they walk laughing
come back stumbling
don't care if we pitch rocks at them
they can't run
say if they catch us
they gonna kill us
but they never gonna catch us

you and me
gonna ride a freight train
all the way to Florida
where there's oranges
hanging from the trees
you and me
swear to do it
on the way down the dusty road
to the alibi tavern

you say it .
no you say it .
no you .
is my daddy here?
Come for him.
That's him

you and me
gonna ride a freight train
just like the hoboes
and eat oranges
and live in the woods
if woods is what they got in Florida.
That's him.

Mom says come home.
She got dinner on.

your bad daddy
don't care nothing about dinner
and my bad daddy shout
"get on away from here
'fore I skin you alive"

The tavern is dark inside.
dark as a old box car.

Hop the train
down this hill
past the wooden bridge
past the hobo camps
burnt tin cans
burnt pieces of everything

can you cook oranges
you ask me
Possibly can

We gonna hop a train
gonna climb to the top
of a freight car
and watch your bad daddy and my bad daddy
get as small as two flies.
Hear that whistle blow.
Hear that whistle when it blow


from Broken Glass Promenade, released July 16, 2014
Composed by The StiKman with lyrics by Linda Barry
Produced and Engineered by The StiKman
Production consultants: Nicholas Dobson and Dan Rathbun

The StiKman: Vocals, harmonica, jaw harp, percussion, sound design
Toby Hawkins: pie tins, hose nozzle and break drum
Eric and Nini: Vocals
Kristen Fairfield: small person wrangler

Art Director: The StiKman
Art and Graphics: JoJo Razor

Special thanks to
Val Esway, Matt VanDerende, Mike Silverman, Ayelet Donner



all rights reserved


The StiKman Oakland, California

The StiKman sounds contemporary as the day after tomorrow, iconic as if written into your DNA before history began, and quaint as your grandpa’s favorite song. He is the missing link between Zappa and Beefheart, and the bridge from Charles Ives to Burl Ives. ... more

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